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Landscape Design


Garden and landscape design is an exciting, but sometimes daunting process of getting the vision you have in your head onto paper, and most importantly making it a reality. We are here to make this process as enjoyable and pain-free as possible.

We go through every stage of the process with you from:

Initial consultation

We sit down over a coffee to establish your goals and style, so that we can create a space that is specific to your taste, budget and vision.

Our designs will have a set price from the start, so you can be assured there will be no further costs. The coffee is on us!

Concept Stage

During the concept stage we'll provide a mood board and concepts based on what we discussed during the initial consultation. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the aspects you do and dont like so we can refine the concepts further.  

Final Site Visit

This stage is where we bring the final concept to the site and walk you through the design in more detail before we draw up the final design. This is to ensure both parties are on the same page with what has been designed. 

Final Copy

This is the stage where our designer will draw up the final concept including one or two perspective drawings, to bring the final product to life. This final copy can be in black and white or colour rendered.

Constructing the Design

Once we have designed your beautiful outdoor space, our team of skilled landscapers will turn the design into reality.  



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